Filipino-Canadian Association
 of Kamloops and District

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Who We Are

The Filipino Canadian Association of Kamloops and District is a non-profit organization established in 1988 by a group of friends whose main objective was to provide assistance to new Filipino immigrants and build a closer Filipino community in Kamloops. 

Service.  The Association is committed to serving the Filipinos and the Kamloops community by:

* Fostering bayanihan spirit among the Filipinos.

* Preserving and promoting our cultural heritage in the hearts of the Filipinos  and sharing them with other  cultural groups in the Kamloops community.

* Conducting free cultural art programs for the Filipinos as well as for the Kamloops community.

* Assisting new Filipino immigrants in settling down in a new environment.

*Liaising with different government agencies and non-profit organizations  when needed.

* Participating in civic and social events within the Kamloops community.